FS Team Tallinn competition history

FS Team Tallinn (although bearing a different name until December 2008) was formed in the autumn of 2006 an has been taking part of Formula Student / SAE competitions in every season of their existence. Here is a short resumé of their fortunes.

Competition Overall result Summary
Season 2006/07

Formula Student 
in Silverstone, United Kingdom
4/15 Class III entry and first competition experience for the fresh team. Virtual prototype of the car was presented with some success - 3rd place was almost in our reach.


Season 2007/08

Formula Student 
in Silverstone, United Kingdom
First competition with an actual car, FEST08. A solid performance lead to a solid result - 13th overall brought us the Best Newcomer trophy.
Season 2008/09

Formula Student Germany 
in Hockenheim, Germany
Competition debut for the brand new car, FEST09. A misfortunate technical problem led to retirement in endurance race.
Baltic Open
in Helsinki, Finland
1/10 (FEST09)
3/10 (FEST08)
A seamless weekend with a bit of luck brought FEST09 the top result from the unofficial Formula Student event. The other car also participated and finished third.
Season 2009/10

Formula SAE
in Michigan, USA
FEST10 held up excellent pace during the competition, until an unfortunate engine failure forced us to retire from the endurance race of an otherwise succesful event.
Formula Student
in Silverstone, United Kingdom
We managed to get the best out of FEST10 and finished the event with our best ever overall placement.
Baltic Open
Rapla and Tallinn, Estonia
1/10 (FEST10)
2/10 (FEST08)
A double victory - the pace of FEST10 was out the reach of the competitors, while FEST08 had to fight for it's second place.

Season 2010/11

Formula Student Austria
Spielberg, Austria
Despite overheating the brakes and some nerve-wrecking moments in the driver change in endurance, the FEST11 managed to secure a place in TOP10.

Formula Student Germany Hockenheim, Germany11/75
For the first time we were in the design finals among ten top teams in the world. The endurance for ruined for us by heavy rainfall.

Formula Student Hungary Györ, Hungary4/28FEST11 brought the team the best overall ranking so far. The fourth place was conquered by just 0.8 points.
Baltic Open
Karlstad, Sweden
2/21 (FEST11)
6/21 (FEST10)
9/21 (FEST08)
During the test run FEST11 made some clocer acquaintence with the tractor tyre on the side of the track, breaking right A-arms, pushrod and tie rod. Luckily we were able to repair the damages and as a result we earned 2nd place overall. In addition we managed to prove the progress of our team's work over the years because our cars we had built over the years were lined according to age in the overall ranking. The newest was the best of all three.

 Hooaeg 2011/12

Formula Student 
Silverstone, UK
The penalty for being late to endurance made us settle for 6th place overall. The penalty most likely cost us the 1st place for dynamic events.

Formula Student Hungary
Györ, Hungary
A well deserved 1st place! Business plan winners and finalists in design and cost report. For the first time in history of FS Team Tallinn we were awarded the best in static events.

Baltic Open
Darmstadt, Germany
1/28 (FEST12)
3/28 (FEST10)
4/28 (FEST08)
All three of our student formulas were up for the challenge. In many events the FEST08 outperformed its younger brother FEST10. In acceleration FEST12 was by far the fastest. If we look past the WHZ Racing Team that took the 2nd place, we can say that FS Team Tallinn was triple victorious.

 Hooaeg 2012/13

Formula SAE
Michigan, USA
2/104 (FEST12)
Second place in endurance and design in addition to overall second. Nearly podium with 4th result in acceleration.

Formula North
Barrie, Canada
2/26 (FEST12) Yet again second in design, but this time also in acceleration and skid pad. Our business presentation brought us third plave and in sprint we were the fastest. In addition, second place for the dynamic events but a very close first place for the static events. And to top it all, a special prize from the ladies of Formula North: 'The Sexiest Accent'.

Baltic Open
Helsingi, Soome
1/23 (FEST12)
9/23 (FEST10)
12/23 (FEST08)
As usually, the FEST10 had to miss out on the opening parade. This time it was due to malfunction of the differential. Luckily, though, we managed to fix it in time for the competitions. The Finns had decided to replace skid pad with super slalom and put the track full of cones. The acceleration was a success for all three of our formulas, although the let's-rev-the-engine-to-the-max-start of the FEST10 broke the differential yet again and the FEST10 had to sit out the super slalom. The FEST12 was worthy of the challenge and most probably the Baltic Open 2014 will be held in Estonia. See you there/here! :)

Formula Student Hungary
Györ'is, Ungaris
15/38Our electric formula the FEST13 made its debut. This time our best result was second place in acceleration. Unfortunately, our battery packs were corrupt due to over heating and we did not manage to finish the endurance. Despite that everything was still better than expected and even with the power limited to 50% we were still the fastest electric formula in endurace. Our goals for the upcoming season are most definitely high.