And they're off...

FS Team Tallinn - May2013 the other side of the Pond. Yes, the first batch of our engineers are already at our friends' place down at Oakland University. Not in bubble-wrap but still very precious delivery - FEST12 - will most likely arrive tomorrow. Then it's all about getting the car ready to race.

The work has not stopped back home either. Today at 9:40 PM all the necessary attachments were welded to the FEST13 subframe, A-arms as well as the wheel hubs were attached. Add a bunch tires and another one of our formula race cars is on its wheels :) The battery pack is also well on the way. We already have a test pack on a table in our office and by now we have a rather accurate idea of the possible weight of our battery pack. Just an 'idea', though, because some connections and the aluminium details of the cooling system are yet to be added.

As can be seen in the image provided we are in the process of updating our team logo. The new and hopefully better one will make its first appearance at FSAE in Michigan, USA and Formula North in Barrie, Canada. The logo can be spotted on the helmets designed by our friends in Tribilia. Fast design for fast drivers.

Despite the success in almost every aspect there are still some that need lots of effort. For instance there still is a huge deficiency in our budget and it needs to be filled with nothing else but good old money. In addition we are still working on the film about our last season. We intend to hold a grand premier gala. Luckly, though, we are in business and there is hope that someday will the the day that the world will see what the team with the fastest car in Europe has been upto.

Stay tuned!

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