The designers of FEST09 bodywork were awarded

The winners of the Estonian Young Designer award SÄSI 2010 were announced in the Gallery of Design and Architecture on wednesday March 3rd. SÄSI 2010 was awarded to textile designer Karin Luuk, ceramicist Raili Reiv and the duo of industrial designers who penned the FEST09, Sven Sellik and Pent Talvet received Little SÄSI awards.

60 000 kroons was given out in total, 30 000 of which was received by the winner.

"When looking at the people competing for SÄSI 2010, you can really see some promising young designers - there are new names, old acquintances with surprising new products, undergraduates and designers already active in the business" stated Ville Jehe, one of the initiators of the Säsi competition.

The jury was pleased with the professional touch and the diverse work that has been carried out for actual customers by Sven and Pent. The jury agreed that the young disainers have been up to their task and worked out solutions that would fulfill the expectations of the customers. FEST09 was penned during their studies in the Estonian Academy of Arts in winter 2008/09.

The SÄSI award is given to young, up to 35 years old Estonian designers for their outstanding activities in the field of industrial design. SÄSI was created to secure the progeny for Estonian industrial design, to support and encourage the creativeness and independence of young designers and expanding awareness by introducing new talents to media, the public and entrepreneurs.

The 2010 SÄSI contest was held by Estonian Design Centre and NPO Sina, Mina ja Keegi. Additional support comes from Eesti Kultuurkapital and Nautimus.

FS Team Tallinn is also very pleased with the work of Sven and Pent!

Take a look at the design sketches for FEST09!
Click here to see how the looks for FEST09 were created!

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