FEST09 will soon be completed

Almost a year of hard work is nearing it's finish as FEST09 will soon be completed for competition.


More than a month has passed since the engine was fired up for the first time and the car drove the first yards on it's own, and in the meantime a lot of testing has been carried out and ... By now, the test period has come to it's end, as the car was completely dismantled cleaning painting and checking the spaceframe and many other parts, at the moment, final assembly is taking place. The car has to be completed in it's final guise by the end of this week, after that the few remaining days are used for some pre-race tesing and fine-tuning. The beginning of august will see FS Team Tallinn setting off for the federal state of Baden-Württenberg, with the Hockenheim circuit as the destination and maximum performance in the Formula Student German competition, held from 5th until 9th August as the objective.

You will find the first teaser photos of the new car in our gallery section, more pics will follow in the beginning of august.

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