FEST08 will be displayed at LaitseRallyPark

FS Team Tallinn has given their first car, the FEST08, for a loan to the museum of Laitse rallypark. According to the contract, the car will be on display in Laitse atleast until January 2013.

LaitseRallyPark invites the motorsports enthusiast for a drive on their autocross track, or in the wintertime - icetrack. But all the oldtimer fans should also be delighted because there is also a collection of historic cars on display. The Laitse collection is strongly biased towards two main themes, which are cars from the 1920s and historic BMWs, and now there is also the Formula Student racecar FEST08 to add some more color to it.

The contract between our mentor Risto Kõiv and the manager of the Laitse facilities Üllar Suvemaa was signed on 18th February in a publicity event, in which the future plans of LaitseRallyPark were also unveiled. LaitseRallyPark will continue to expand by constructing a karting circuit which will consist of an A-category circuit and a hobbykart track. 

The circuit is designed by the renown specialists of Tilke Engineering, the German company that has created most of the modern Formula 1 tracks. Eberhard Tilke, creator of the track, said that it has all the different types of turnes to make it an ideal place for the unexperienced drivers to practice their skills. The track is compatible with the A-category standard and is therefore also suitable for karting world championship races. Different variations of the track are suitable for go-karts, motocycles or production cars, one of the variations being wide and fast enough for smaller formula cars as well. The track will be built in co-operation with Enterprise Estonia an the deadline is set for this autumn, the work has already begun.

In return, LaitseRallyPark will allow FS Team Tallinn to use the karting track free of charge to test their racecars.

LaitseRallyPark website: www.laitserallypark.ee

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