Still not quite...

Yes, we know, it's not April 14th anymore... Not even April 15th that could be called the same day because we haven't had any sleep. It is 21st April and currently the situation is not quite what it should be. Let us start from the beginning...

The story began last weekend before April 14th. Well... Actually the story began in autumn when we started buildng our second electric formula. And well..... The WHOLE STORY really began already somewhat years ago when some students of TUT and Tallinn UAS decided to... But that's not what I want to talk about.

Last weekend was supposed to be the culmination of our construction period and that culmination was supposed to culminate with a driving formula. The work was in progress: the electronic team were busy in TUT and the mechanical team were in action in UAS. Monday was to be the D-day when the batteries are released from the customs. Sunday evening ended early. Round midnight everything was tidied up and people headed home. All was practically ready. Only the batteries were missing.

Monday morning was promising. New day, people were rested. Wakeup alarm sounded already before 8 AM to get hold of the customs people as soon as their workday begins and bring the spark to our formula. But no. The customs people evidently had different plans. Maybe they had a bad hair day or they hadn't had enough rest. Who knows! All we know is that they obviously weren't in a very good mood because in spite of our preparedness they decided not to give us our goods. "No can do! They need to be double checked." Possibly even triple checked. Some say that random battery cells were cut open to take a peek inside. Who knows... there might be drugs or something. They obviously found nothing but that was not the end of it. The Environmental Board also wanted to take a look. You know... Trained eyes and so on... Just in case! And still nothing... ofcourse. Eventually they decided that some CE markings were missing. At this point we would like to thank the Signiti team whose quick reactions saved the day.

'The Moustaches' loading the batteries on board

With the stickers on the batteries, we were able to take our batteries back to the batcave. Finally! Toomas was so anxious.... :)

Toomas with the precious delivery

At that point the calendar had the number 16 on it and it was a Wednesday. Yet again we set to work. We had to compile battery packs of the battery cells we had just received. A cry for help was sent to the team's mailing list and a general mobilization took place. Everyone who could, came to help out. It is not very easy to assemble the battery packs and, therefore, we had our first all-nighter of this season. In the morning when those of us with an honest day job had to go to work and almost fell a sleep standing in the bus, the pack were ready but yet again that was not the end of it.

At the moment we have an electric formula in the garage but we are not able to drive it. There is a glitch in the electronics. We have been trying to fix it for quite some time now but so far no luck. Lets hope that soon....

Stay tuned!

As it tends to be - in the end we are all electricians ;)

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