Testing is everything!

More devoted fans have probably already heard that our newest electric formula is already rolling. We are very grateful to the nice people of Saku Suurhall who are kind enough to provide us with a great practice space on their premises.

The power output is still limited for safety reasons. We want to debug the formula as safely as possible. And as it tends to be in the beginning, many problems have already emerged. But no worries! Our industrious team have already set to work to eliminate these. The durability of the batteries is still an issue. Last summer we managed to fry our battery packs and, therefore, did not finish the race in Hungary. This year we also have some battery cells that do not want to behave and have already lost their characteristics and tried to bloat. A new set of cells have already been ordered and should be delivered in some weeks.

To make matters a bit worse, at the moment we only have the charger called 'Joonas' that cannot handle balancing the modules. That means we also have an interface called 'Mario' who has to be present during the whole charging process. Since 'Mario' is a multifunctional interface, he has many other duties as well (e.g. getting some sleep every now and then). This in turn means that the battery modules take long time to get fully charged. Luckily, though, we heard a good news today. The new charger that is a bit more able than 'Joonas' and has functionalities to take over 'Mario's' tasks as well, will be  in Sweden on 19th Jube and should pop into our mailbox before Midsummer's Eve. We are very excited :)

Simultaneously with the development of our electric formula, we hold Baltic Open meetings. Yes, we still have definite plans to fulfill our honorary duty to hold Baltic Open 2014 in Estonia. The event shall be held on a nice and sunny weekend in August. The dates are from 6th to 10th August and it takes place in Põltsamaa - the wine capital of Estonia. By today, already 20 Formula Student cars from different seasons and eight different countries have been registered. Let's hope there will be more :) Estonia is represented by all four formulas: the FEST08, the FEST10, the FEST12 and the FEST14. Be sure to come and see for yourself! More information can be found on Blatic Open website and on Facebook.

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