Hello, our future partner!

We are very happy about your visitation to our home page. FS Team Tallinn is willing to start partnership with your company.

How to start partnership? If you are visiting this site and your company is not yet our partner then we probably haven't heard about you so far. We will be very pleased to correct that mistake by having an appointment with you.

Who are we? FS Team Tallinn is an organisation uniting students from Tallinn University of Technology and TTK University of Applied Sciences. In every season we are building an one-seat electric formula car which is used to compete in various Formula Student competitions.

Why do we need you? The key of building a successful formula car is to have both enterprising young engineers and good financing. To have hardworking and skilled team we are choosing the best students from the mentioned universities and we are educating them well. For the second part (financing) of our non-profitable company's needs we wish to work with you. In this way we both are achieving the best results.

For extra information:
Rainer Lepik
+372 53 044 027