Our fifth car took us to the absolute top

FS Team Tallinn season 2011/2012

We are glad to announce that the competitions of the year 2012 have finished with remarkable results and the season has come to a golden end.

On 20th August (the Independence Day of Estonia) the united team of Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and Tallinn University of Technology was announced the winner of Formula Student Hungary 2012. This result is by far not casual. It is the realisation of years long effort and persistence. Our potential was introduced to the world earlier in this season in Silverstone, UK, where we had unopposedly the fastest car in endurance. Victory, however, was stolen from us by a penalty for being late to the start line. This was a huge motivator for us to give our everything for the first place in Hungary. Knowing our car's potential on the track, we invested loads of effort into our business plan and cost report. And we were very successful. We conquered all German (and all other as well) engineers and secured first place in static events. The promise given in Estonia's national television to win the Formula Student Hungary competition was fulfilled and the emotional relief is outstanding.

The next point in our calendar was the Baltic Open competition in Darmstadt, Germany. Goals were once again very high - we wouldn't settle for anything less than our third victory of Baltic Open series. This would give us chance to hold the competition at home in Estonia for the second time in the history of Baltic Open. For this moment, however, the Baltic Open in Darmstadt has come to an end. Due to unbearable lack of Internet connection we couldn't post any positive updates. The Baltic Open is an unofficial competition for Formula Student race cars. It was brought to life in 2003 by our fellow team in Helsinki. Each competition takes place at the home tracks of the previous season's winner. The right of holding the competition can, however, be forwarded to the team that won the 2nd or 3rd place overall. In 2011 we took advantage of that right and passed our turn on to the swedish team for we considered it to be unreasonable to hold the competition in that same place for two consecutive years.

This year the competition was held in Darmstadt, Germany - the home of the winners of Baltic Open 2011. The Baltic Open is also special because teams can also bring their old cars that have been built for any previous season. For us this meant we had to pay a visit to the museum of TUT and retract our beauty from the year 2010. And also we revived the very first formula race car that our team had ever built - the notorious FEST08. Our old cars were to be managed by our veterans that are no longer active members of the team. Last year in Karlstad we also had our three cars in competition but this year we were way tougher competitors. In Baltic Open only the driver and the performance of the car matter. Theoretical knowledge on its own brings no points what-so-ever. Arriving at the competition site in Darmstadt we already knew that the first place in Hungary will most likely let FEST12 be victorious in Germany as well. Unofficially our newest car was head above the competitors in all four events but sportive misfortune and great risks meant giving up first places in skid pad and sprint due to knocking off some cones. However, no 'but' and 'what if' matters in motorsport. Stability and durability were the qualities that secured the third 1st place overall to the FS Team Tallinn. The biggest surprise was presented by our veterans whose remarkable performance in endurance brought the 3rd place in podium to the 2009/2010 season race car FEST10. FEST08 was not far behind. Theirs was the fourth place overall. For FS Team Tallinn this meant great success and triple victory for the team.

To sum up we can emphasise that the season of 2011/2012 proved we have a place in the absolute top of Formula Student world. A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed in the teams success over the years. The victory is the fruit of many years of uncompromising effort. Every year we have taken our previous experience and made some huge leaps forward. In our first competition we received the prize of the best newcomer. The car was so good that it left many doubting whether it indeed is our very first car. Today we have proven that it is most certainly possible to reach the absolute top in the enormously popular and professional Formula Student series in just five short years. It doesn't take a huge budget, large team and support of some great industrial companies. All it takes is simple and persistent work.

Today we can say that all our hard work has paid off!